hey there, as you might have guessed: lorra here. thanks for taking a bit time out of your day to get to know my art and the story behind it. 

I always thought of myself more as a visual person than a person of words – until one day I discovered the power of their correlation. so let me draw a quick image for you about me and my work:

about me

portrait of lorra mayerblack and white portrait of lorra mayer

generally I'd say I'm

a girl of both

or rather all worlds:

analogue and digital. written and visual. breezy and sincere. it all comes down to finding a balance while appreciating the beauty of opposites and differences in life. 

I’m an ambitious, open-minded chica in her 20s trying to find her place in this world by hopefully doing some good. And according to some former collaborators: I’m also caring, hard working and easy to be around (I was forced aka convinced to add this)

what is it that I do?

excellent question. I’d like to think of myself as an artist and storyteller.

for me personally, these terms eliminate all the boxes I get myself caught up in way too often. though the practice of my heart always has been and always will be photography, I have found that combining different practices, pushing and exploring their individual limits sparks the most joy for me. in the process I’ve found myself doodling on an iPad, painting over printed photographs, playing with the feeling and qualities of paper, discovering the power of typography, white space and colours. and one random day in quarantine I also found actual words, and all the sudden I was writing poems. 

the essence of my work

my core intention lies in telling a story. sometimes its my own or a personal matter of heart, but my earnest dream is to tell YOURS. I want to make your story be heard and seen. I want you to listen to other’s inspiring, heartbreaking or funny stories. I want to help raising unheard voices. let’s connect our differences and create some more beauty in this one diverse world we have.

I can’t wait to hear from you. feel free to drop me a message at any time – I’m always keen to chat.
loads of love, lorra